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The price of your commission will vary based on the commission itself. How complex and elaborate it is, the materials used, the time projected for completion, material availability, and whether or not you are ordering an original or a print (in the cases of fine art and photography) are some of the variables in calculation. That being said, I DO have some guidelines about some base price ranges, so that you can get a guess in.


And here they are! )


These prices are just examples. Feel free to ask for a quote regarding something I have not listed a sample for; a sample price=/=a requested commission.

CAUTION WITH ALL PIECES: Some products may contain small parts (especially jewelry). Keep away from children. Jewelry pieces are not meant for heavy duty wear; do not wear sleeping, showering, or in any circumstance where they will take a beating from use. Be sure to follow all care instructions included with the individual products as they are shipped; if these are not followed then damage to products may result, which the artist is not responsible for.

Other Useful Information: Silver and copper will need to be polished periodically, otherwise they will tarnish naturally (intended by the artist, in terms of the use of copper). Grey-colored wrapping metal is plated copper wire; the exterior plating will eventually wear off to reveal the copper-this is also an intended feature of the pieces. Silver or other solid metal wire can be used with compatible pendant materials on request, though the price will increase with the material cost. If a mockup of a custom garment piece is not ordered, or if weight gain or loss happens between the final mockup and the final product's delivery without informing me so that I can make adjustments in time, exact fit cannot be guaranteed.
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