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In here you'll find all the basic information about how the store works. All that fun basic stuff that's tedious to read but is also a lovely reference point to have should you need it.

Delivery time

-Delivery time is an average of 8-10 weeks, on average, depending on the medium and the commission load. I may be able to ship things out within the week, or it may take me some time. It depends entirely on the individual order.

-During very high volume periods, or for products of a higher level of complexity or size (a full Victorian costume or a knitted blanket, for example), it may be longer. It is suggested to order as early as possible for complex or large items or high-volume times like Christmas, to be assured of the highest chances of recieving your product in time.


-Shipping, for the present, will be restricted to the US. Shipping fees are displayed in the individual reserved listings on Etsy, and are not included in the base price. USPS is used unless specifically requested otherwise-if other shipping venues are used, there will be an according increase in shipping fees. Tracking numbers will be  emailed along with the shipping reciept.

Price fluctuation

-All prices are a base guestimate, and will vary depending on the nature of the individual commission, the materials, the complexity (which determines the amount of effort and time put into it), and also where it is being shipped. Prices do NOT include shipping, but they DO include tax.


-All sales will be conducted on Etsy, through reserved listings. Various payment methods will be accepted. Paypal is the preferred method of payment for clients who are paying for their order in installments; the last payment will be the the price listed in the Etsy reserved listing.

Material and Medium Availability, and special ordering materials

-I have a fair bit of materials on hand, but I am not an art supply, yarn, jewelry, fabric, or craft store (unfortunately, wouldn't that be awesome?). Depending on the medium being requested (Jewelry, sewing, fine art, knitting, etc), my stash of readily available supplies varies. While I always try my best to make all my products available, I cannot guarantee the immediate availability of any given material or medium at any time, even if you just ordered something in it earlier that year. Happily, if you're willing to wait for a little bit, I should be able to get things back in stock fairly soon.

-In the case of materials being requested that need special ordered there will be an additional small fee to cover the shipping of these materials calculated into the final price. If there is a happy moment where I find myself making an order from the same place for multiple clients, you will have the happy fortune of it being divided up evenly between the clients I am ordering for. I will as always endeavour to get your order shipped as fast as possible, however, the shipping time needed for the new materials to come in will be added to the standard shipping time estimate.

Commission caps and waiting lists

-I reserve the right to cap my commissions at any given time. This is my "other job", so to speak, and I need to keep my work load such that I can get good quality done in the appropriate time desired. This may mean that I can take open commissions in some mediums but not others, it may mean that I have a cap on some mediums but not others, or a cap on all of them, or that I stop accepting commissions completely for a short time. This is done so that my products retain the highest quality possible, and so that I can get them to you as fast as possible, especially around the holidays.

-I will, however, accept a waiting list of a small length-likely no more than 10 orders. If you wish for a commission that is not currently available, add your name to the list and provide details about your desired commission (medium, subject matter, occasion (birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc), reference photos and descriptions if necessary, material preferences if applicable (jewelry), etc). The more the better. I will contact you regarding your commission as soon as possible.

Deposits and payments

-For items $60.00 and under, there is a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your commission. For items over $60.00, there is a 30% non-refundable deposit. This is meant to cover the loss and materials should you decide to cancel your commission, and cover only the commission for which the deposit was made.

-Past the non-refundable deposits, payments are accepted on a case by case basis. I will work with you to decide whether or not I feel payments are adaptable to your individual situation. Payment is required in full before your commission will be shipped.


-Non-refundable deposits will not be returned should you decide to cancel. Cancellation is not permitted after full payment is given-all sales are final.

Commission changes

-If you decide to change your commission to something of a different medium (for example, if you ordered a knitted hat and changed your mind to a charcoal portrait), or decide to change it to something different of the same medium with different materials (for example, if you ordered a knitted hat in pink angora lace-weight yarn and changed it to a knitted scarf in blue acrylic worsted-weight yarn), it will be considered a cancellation and the new commission will be treated as an entirely new one. The deposit for the old commission would be kept to cover the materials and losses, and we would start over from scratch for the new one. This includes a new deposit being required, as the medium and/or materials are entirely different, which is necessary but unfortunate, so be sure that you are sure what you want before you make your deposit!

-If you decide to change your commission to something of the same medium AND with the same materials, and there is no need for additional material, then there's no need to change the pricing at all. Yay! However, if there IS extra of the same material needed, then you will have your final total and  deposit re-calculated, and will only need to pay the balance between the two deposits.

For example, if you ordered that pink angora hat, and made it a scarf using the exact same yarn, there's no different materials and so the deposit would still cover it. However, I'd need to use a second skein of yarn since scarves generally take more than hats, so your final total-and therefore your deposit, as the deposits are calculated by percentage-would increase. You'd need to pay the balance of the updated deposit to reserve your commission.

If that change in commission requires materials special ordered, it would still incur the shipping fee standardly applied to special ordering materials.

Refunds and exchanges

-All sales are final.


Please feel free to leave a comment or drop me a PM with any questions!

-Leaf And Vine-


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