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A necklace, about 18" in length, with a silver-wrapped polished clear quartz stone as a pendant, and oblong blue freshwater pearls, blue aventurine round, red tiger eye round, white stone chip, false pearl round, shell-and-amber round, and obsidian round beads making the cord.
This necklace is one of my favorites. It was made as a gift for a friend who wanted the best of both ocean and land mixed into one, but as if from the cold northern waters of mainland Europe, not a tropical island. It's called Wavefarer. The wrapping itself is not as tight as I usually achieve-I always re-wrap a stone whose wrapping is not of sufficient tension for my standards-but he insisted on leaving it be, saying as it was to be rarely worn he preferred the imperfection. Very well then! Whatever floats your boat, my friend. Pun not intended.

The combination of stones is one I love-blue freshwater pearls, an obvious nod to water, as are the shell rounds which are melded somehow with amber (which gives it some roots in land), and the false pearl rounds and blue aventurine. The white stone chips remind me very much of white river rocks, or beach stones, that I imagine may be found on such rocky beaches, and the red tiger's eye reminds me very much of rich dark earth rich with ore begging to be forged. The rainbow obsidian rounds, volcanic stone though they are, is an ode also to the black earth-and the fire both inside it and under the sea. I imagine stones like those able to be found along the ocean floor, by the fissures which let through the hear that cracks through the crust.

The clear quartz pendant itself, with its wavy wiring, is meant to embody the reflection of the sunlight on the waves of the sea, as well as the clear glass used in both lighthouse and large grounded telescopes on land, watching for ships at sea, as well as the old handheld ones used to spot land far before the human eye could do so. Quartz is often used as a clarifying stone, and can enhance the qualities of any others it is paired with, so I envisioned sight as the quality enhanced, in this instance. I picture the recipient of this necklace wearing it as he walks the coast-though it could just as easily serve as a reminder of the waters so far away, when he travels.

This precise necklace is not available for reproduction, just like most of my pieces.

-Leaf And Vine-
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A longer necklace, maybe 22" in length, with a metal owl pendant, and mother of pearl rounds, clear and smokey quartz rounds, garnet rounds, amethyst rounds, obsidian rounds, hematite cubes, garnet leaves, jet rounds, Swarovsky fire-cut Czech glass oblong, and Delica glass seed bead spacers making up the cord.

The same necklace as above, but on a black neck form, next to a bronze statue of Athena

This is a necklace made specifically for Athena, and is named the same. It is one I made for myself, when I needed physical objects to help me understand the deities I was researching-because I have a very strong respect for the Hellenic goddess of wisdom, and all she represents (even if the Hellenics are a bit finicky and temperamental). I chose the stones used for this necklace instinctively, but regardless of their metaphysical attributes, the story the stones tells is very much like the woman who they were made to represent.

While she is often associated with battle and war (which, one can argue, means battling one's inner demons or battling to survive simple everyday life unscathed, not necessarily someone coming at you in an alley), wisdom remains my favorite trait of hers. I therefore chose the metal owl as the focal point of the necklace, as it is a symbol of wisdom, and one she is seen with often.

Garnet, found in the form of hand-carved leaves and small 3mm rounds between, is a stone I have often associated with a very rich feel, as well as being a stone very strong in energy that complements nearly every other very well. Mother of pearl, also reminiscent of the waters to which Greece is so familiar, and Swarovsky fire-polished glass (which looks very much like a multi-colored crystal as the ancient Greeks would see it), also have that same rich feel to me-and would be seen as much more so, in her day, than in the current day. What better for a daughter of Zeus, and a goddess?

Clear Quarts aids in clarity-and Smoky Quartz, while it may not be traditionally associated with as much, has always seemed to me to simply be a mist or cloud begging to be seen through, a shroud begging to be unveiled: simply the path to clear perception with more obstacles. Both Amethyst and Labradorite are stones often associated with clarity in dreams and awareness as well. All of these stones hold these traits in slightly different ways-very compatible to a woman of wisdom who would look for all possible facets and perspectives from which to form her perceptions.

Meanwhile, Jet is a stone of protection and Hematite one of grounding, both of which are always wise to have on hand. Especially for a woman, in Athena's day or otherwise-intelligent women have never quite had the upper hand, and one can't ALWAYS be on her defense when in her books!

The copper clasp, very close to the shape of infinity, is a symbol in and of itself: learning never stops, wisdom is never stagnant; it evolves and grows over time and generations. Copper, so firey in nature and yet so visibly changed by time as it tarnishes eventually green, echoes both the passion for learning and wisdom, and also the acceptance of change and evolution of culture and self, needed to attain it and retain it.

This necklace was made for Athena, and with her and her specific traits as a goddess and woman in mind. But, it could very well be adaptable to anyone else who exemplies wisdom-such as Merlin, with his pet owl Archimedes; Raziel, Raphael, or whatever precise name of any angel of wisdom and records you most prefer; or with the simple change of the owl to a raven and perhaps the mother of pearl to onyx or wood rounds, Odhinn-as well as simply an expression or desire for traits like wisdom. It could perhaps serve as an Owl totem necklace, if you feel such stones harmonize with your totem in such a way. Take away any such strong meaning, and it can simply function as a necklace for bird lovers, intending to dress up for a night out with something a little less traditional.

(Also, I must add that the statue is not for sale. It's simply very photogenic. ^_^)

-Leaf and Vine-
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 An oblong white stone, wrapped in a simple silver colored cage, on a sterling chain, with some clear quartz rounds, mother of pearl rounds, and silver rounds forming a simple brief break in the chain about two inches up from the pendant.

Anyone familiar with The Temple Of The Twelve will know who I made this necklace for. For anyone who doesn't-The Temple Of The Twelve is a fairy tale book series for children, equally usable by adults, which can either simply be a fairy tale or one that can aid in personal and spiritual growth.

The Lady White is the Color of innocence and of snow, amongst many other things. I decided not long ago to attempt work with the Temple Of The Twelve, and while I did not complete my first year, I DID end with Lady White. I made this for her-a necklace of White, for the White Lady, with Silver for her Silver husband, lord of intuition and magic. The pendant itself, an oblong stone approximately an inch and a half in length, is of a stone unknown to me, but chosen for it's frosty simplicity. The only few other stones chosen were clear quartz and mother of pearl-the crystalline nature of ice combined with the pearlescent beauty of snow, to my eyes. The silver chain-and the silver-colored wrapping wire-was a simple and fitting accentuation, as in this necklace I desired simple elegance and white chain is surprisingly hard to come by. It just so happens that Lady White and Lord Silver are spouses, in this fairy tale, so I thought it much more fitting to choose his color than gold as the single chain connecting her stones. The clasp, though you can't see it in this shot, is a sterling swivel lobster clasp: again, simple.

This necklace, however, is compatible to many things. Like White and her color, it's adaptable to accent or be accented by any other color in existence. Whether or not anyone who desires any necklace of this style entertains the fairy tale in which Lady White resides, I feel that it does her and her color no dishonor for a simple brilliance like this to be seen around any neck in any circle. This is one of the few pieces I feel I can recreate exactly, should it be desired. Of course, I can also switch up the stones as desired. Like I said, white complements anything, and anything complements white, after all.

-Leaf And Vine-


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